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EE System

Energy Enhancement System

Repair your DNA with Biophoton Scalar Technology

Hot Springs, NC

If you’re not familiar with the Energy Enhancement System,

watch Jason Shurka’s interviews with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael.

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No walk-ins, please. Coming in the front door may disturb sessions in progress.
But please call—we may have availability.

We currently have an 8-unit system.

Recommended sessions are 4 hours at $45 per hour.


Call us at 828-206-1446

Where to find us.

34 NW US 25 70 Hwy, Hot Springs, North Carolina, 28743

Nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains just north of Asheville, NC.

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The most important thing in life is water.
The most important thing in water is life.


Fountain of youth is the most powerful advanced technology used to energize water, Water has memory and DNA.  This makes it possible for the water to  retain the information put in it.

This bio-scalar technology is used to rearrange the molecules at true zero point energy. Putting life back in water,  creating the most amazing powerful natural healing water.

Never has anything like this ever been available before in history.

Call 828-206-1446 to order!

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34 NW US 25 70 Hwy
Hot Springs, NC 28743

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